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Fort Lauderdale is joining the cities where marijuana dispensaries are forbidden — at least for the rest of the year.

The City Commission on Tuesday night tentatively approved a 180-day moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries. Officials said they want more time to clear the legal haze surrounding them.

“This is just a pause,” City Attorney Cynthia Everett said. “You can make a recommendation to press play.”

The city earlier this year agreed to allow the dispensaries, but only four of them — one in each City Commission district.

A state law passed subsequently says cities can’t place such limits. A city or county can ban the pot centers outright, but if they allow them, their numbers cannot be limited, the new state law says.

Local governments disagree about whether the state law applies to ordinances like Fort Lauderdale’s that predated it.

Many in South Florida are taking a cautious approach. Some have banned dispensaries. At least a dozen Broward cities had moratoriums in place when the county conducted a survey in September.

A limited number of local governments, including

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– Former FOX 2 anchor Anqunette Jamison Sarfoh is pushing a new cannabis campaign to Corktown which supporters say would provide safe access to medical pot but not everyone is on board.

Jamison has plans for an empty lot on Rosa Parks off of I-75 that’s been abandoned for about ten years in Corktown.

“I want to make sure that people have access to all types of safe testing medications and we’re hoping to provide that here,” Sarfoh said.

Jamison, who left the FOX 2 News desk in 2016, says she’s used medical marijuana to treat her multiple sclerosis symptoms for years. She says she’s been looking for a spot to open up her own dispensary that fits all the requirements for the city’s ordinance.

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“This property satisfies that requirement we’re 1,000 feet away from residents, churches, daycare centers.”

Jamison’s dispnsary will be called BotaniQ. She said she likes the location near I-75 and the ample parking, especially for

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Compassionate Cultivation open in Austin before year’s end? By Mary Tuma, 11:45AM, Tue. Oct. 17, 2017

Before year’s end, the first marijuana dispensary in Texas is slated to roll out. It’s high time for the industry to take hold within the state: It’s been two years since the enactment of the Texas Com­pas­sionate Use Act, a 2015 state law that allows limited and narrow use of cannabidiol (CBD) with low THC levels for intractable epilepsy patients who have obtained a doctor’s recommendation. (“Texas’ Marijuana Policy May Be Progressing Quicker Than Expected,” May 12.) The state is home to an estimated 150,000 of these patients.

By the end of December, Knox Medical is expected to begin operations in the sparsely populated rural town of Schulenburg, southeast of Austin. A spokesperson with Cansortium Texas (Knox’s parent company) tells the Chronicle that patients can order the oil online and have it delivered to them. The group says they chose Schulenberg because it’s “well-located between San Antonio, Houston, and Austin, which serves as a good base of operations.”

Knox is among the

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MUHLENBERG TWP., Pa. – The owners of a planned medical marijuana dispensary in Berks County are now considering an alternate property in Muhlenberg Township.

After realizing the cost of retrofitting the property at 2701 Fifth Street Highway, formerly Jack O’Reilly Tuxedos, would exceed the budgeted cost, Harvest LLC, doing business as SMPB Retail LLC, began looking at 3225 Fifth Street Highway, which would be more move-in ready.

Until last month, that site was to be developed by Reading Dispensary, which was also awarded a state license to operate a medical marijuana dispensary in Berks County. The company dropped its plans for the location in September because it didn’t meet health department requirements, according to township officials.

Reading Dispensary has not yet announced an alternate site.

Jamal Abodalo, Muhlenberg Township’s manager, explained that SMPB is looking at both properties in case the Pennsylvania Department of Health doesn’t approve the alternate location.

After the meeting, Abodalo said SMPB’s request for a conditional use approval for the second property might also be a result of the tight

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PORTSMOUTH, Ohio (WSAZ) — Monday night Portsmouth city council set up a public forum at Shawnee State to listen to the public’s thoughts on a medical marijuana dispensary possibly opening in the city.

Medical marijuana has already been authorized on the state level, so the only way to keep a dispensary out of Portsmouth is to pass an ordinance banning them.

During the forum, Dr. Michael Martin warned allowing such a dispensary in the city might only add to the drug problem.

“Do we really need more drugs out there available for use or misuse?” he said.

Tara Cordle shared how marijuana has been a blessing for her 11-year-old son Waylon, who has intractable epilepsy.

“This medical marijuana I give him, we don’t have doctor bills like we did,” she said. “It’s just crazy that we even have to talk about it. It’s given him a life. His seizures he does have now are so minor compared to what he was doing.”

Mayor Jim Kalb believes it could be an economic boost.

“I think it would have nothing but a

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